Quality Control

Quality Control

Plantic's manufacturing operation in Australia is certified to ISO 9001 and has been successfully audited to British Retail Consortium standards.  



  • PLANTIC quality control is similar to other multi layer plastic structures.
  • Like any other sheet manufacturing, gauge control and visuals along with bond strength are standard measures of quality checks.
  • PLANTIC runs on all standard thermoforming, vacuum forming and form-fill-seal machines.
  • PLANTIC maintains its integrity and performance when processed.
  • PLANTIC has been extensively tested and is certified to comply with European Standards, some of the highest standards globally for Biobased Content, a measure of renewable content. 
  • PLANTIC products are to be stored, wrapped and protected in a dry environment and kept away from direct sunlight.                   
  • PLANTIC is not designed for microwave and oven heating applications. 

Quality standard certifications for PLANTIC sheet.




  • Quality controls are similar to other polymers. In sheet manufacture gauge is critical, along with visual standards. Sheet moisture is also a key parameter for PLANTIC HP. PLANTIC HP  must be kept in a stable humity environement between 30% to 70% which is essential when transporting , converting, and packing the material.
  • PLANTIC HP can be cut on high speed packaging lines much more readily than PET which tends to be subject to static electricity adhesion in the de-nesting process.
  • The PLANTIC HP material maintains substantial environmental credentials. It is a renewable resource of not of genetically modified feedstocks that are fully biodegradable and compostable in household waste. While other biopolymers are also 'biodegradable' some only do so in a high-temperature environment, i.e. industrial composting plant, rather than in 'cold' compost, like back-garden environments.
  • The European Standard DIN EN13432, Packaging - Requirements for packaging recoverable through composting and biodegradation, defines requirements for packaging considered to be organically recoverable via either aerobic composting or anaerobic biogasification in municipal or biological waste treatment facilities. The standard addresses four characteristics of the packaging material, namely its biodegradability, the disintegration during composting, the effect on the biological treatment process and the effect on the quality of the resulting compost. PLANTIC  HP has been extensively tested and is certified to comply with European Standards, some of the highest standards globally for waste, as being fully biodegradable and compostable in aerobic environments at temperatures of 21°C.
  • Given its relatively high hydrophilicity, PLANTIC HP also degrades in aqueous environments and is certified to be flushable/disposable in waste water to European Standards.
  • PLANTIC HP products are certified in compliance with EN13432 by AB Vincotte.

Quality standard certifications for PLANTIC™ HP sheet.

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